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Yo Smart


Leading kosher dairy manufacturer Mehadrin, is revolutionizing the yogurt aisle once again with Yo Smart, the company’s first foray into yogurt pouches.

Made for children, Yo Smart is yogurt sold in no mess, on-the-go pouches. Kids can simply twist the top off and squeeze to enjoy the pleasures. Available in strawberry and classic vanilla flavors that children are sure to delight in.

In addition to the clever packaging, Yo Smart also offers up an exclusively new and outrageously delicious yogurt flavor. It won’t take long for children to begin begging their parents for a Yo Smart. For the frazzled mothers out there, Yo Smart is a savior, an easy and healthy eating option to satisfy children at any time.

Yo Smart is made from whole milk, is full of probiotics and does not contain artificial hormones often found in dairy goods. It makes for a wonderful chol hamoed children’s snack, an easy morning fix, or a healthy addition to the school lunch box.

Yo Smart can be found in your local kosher grocery store. It is sold individually and in a family pack version.