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Yo Bar


Mehadrin stuns the market again, introducing an innovative, revolutionary, healthy yogurt product to the dairy world, the Yobar.


Comprised entirely of Greek yogurt and covered in a thin dark chocolate layer, Yobar is a unique and exciting new addition to the cholov yisorel health food market. It is created through a process involving straining water from yogurt to obtain a strong consistency, and voila, there’s your Yobar.


For health lovers, Yobar is the ideal dairy treat. It has numerous health benefits including, over 25 billion probiotics and high protein content, not to forget that the whole bar is only 120 calories! It can almost be considered a yogurt protein bar. Perfect to grab on the go during your morning rush, or to nibble on in the car as you drive through your busy day. Children and adults alike will love this ridiculously addictive snack, with its thick Greek consistency and delicious flavor.


Yobar is super easy to eat, you just tear open the packaging, slide the bar up and take a delicious bite. It is now available in a fridge near you!