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Light Leben


It’s the Leben taste you love, only lighter!


‘Let there be light!’ That’s right Mehadrin has outshined themselves with the introduction of the new Leben Light to the kosher dairy market.


Mention the word leben to any adult, and you receive a nostalgic, yearning look in response. Children are raised on the delicious Mehadrin leben taste, but many drop their favorite childhood product as they grow older, in favor of healthier, lower calorie options. Mehadrin understands and values their loyal customers, and decided to give the people what they want with the Leben Light. Adults can now enjoy and relish the delicious leben taste of their past, completely guilt-free!


The revolutionary Leben Light is half the fat, and one third the calories of the regular chocolate leben, and even better it has a much lower sugar content. No need to hit the gym after consuming one of these heavenly treats! Leben Light is also a fantastic source of protein which helps build muscles, as well as being high in calcium which promotes bone strength.


The Leben Light is Mehadrin’s second product to receive Nutrition by Tanya’s stamp of approval. Tanya remarked, ‘It’s great to have healthy food options that are also incredibly tasty. There is no need to deprive yourself of the foods you love. Mehadrin’s Leben Light is the perfect option for your dairy diet, it tastes the same as the regular leben but is doubly as healthy.’


The Leben Light is now available for purchase in your local kosher groceries.