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Kendamil Baby Formula


Mehadrin brings a world-class Cholov Yisroel infant formula to the U.S.


Mehadrin is filling an immense gap in the kosher industry, launching a premium cholov yisroel infant milk formula – Kendamil - into the U.S. market. 


Kendamil infant formula originates in the UK and satisfies stringent kosher requirements, including being kosher for Passover. The formula is available for two different age groups. Infant formula suitable for babies aged zero to twelve months, and toddler formula for children aged one to three years.


Previously there have existed only two formula choices for orthodox parents; one, an imported product of inferior quality or two, a non-cholov yisroel formula. With a lack of premium quality formula available with a high kosher standard, many parents have opted for giving their babies formula that doesn’t meet the stringent kosher standards they generally maintain.  


Aside for its high kosher standard, Kendamil infant milk formula is also a premium quality product. Produced by a team of expert nutritionists and researchers, it is specifically designed to provide top quality support for a baby’s development. The formula contains a full cream milk content, making the taste as close as possible to that of a mother’s natural milk and providing infants with essential proteins and fatty acids found in regular breast milk. 

Ross McMahon, CEO of Kendal Nutricare explains, ‘other formulas, which use only skimmed milk make up for the loss of nutritional value from the cream, by increasing the quantity of vegetable oil in the recipe. This makes the formula heavier on a baby’s stomach a lot more difficult to digest. Kendamil has therefore aimed to create a formula as close to mother nature as possible.’

Kendamil will be available on shelves at the end of January and is likely to make a huge bang in the kosher world.