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Mike Cone


Ice creamers lovers are in for a real treat this summer!


Mehadrin has taken it up a notch this ice cream season, with its’ recent release of a heavenly, mouthwatering, irresistible new ice cream; geniusly coined the Mike Cone.


Yes, you better believe it, summer just got that much more exciting!


Mehadrin’s exquisite ice cream line is only growing and building in flavor, originality and richness. The Mike Cone is a unique twist on the classic cornetto and is hitting freezers in two great flavors, vanilla and vanilla fudge. It is the perfect combination of creaminess, smoothness and tastiness, and makes for an ideal summer treat! The Mike Cone is a great ice cream for hot summer days spent running around the park, or frolicking in the ocean, as well as long Shabbos afternoons chilling with friends. There is no occasion unfitting for the Mike Cone.


All it takes is one lick and a tiny bite and you will be automatically hooked to the wondrous Mike Cone taste. Mehadrin is truly answering the calls of their customers with this delectable ice cream cone. Ice cream enthusiasts will be unable to resist taking their taste buds on a swirly, fudgy, vanilla journey that is the Mike Cone. Children will find every excuse to beg their parents for this great ice cream delight.


With Shavuos just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to taste your first Mike Cone and experience its rich goodness.


So, take an excursion to your local Kosher store and grab a Mehadrin Mike Cone. Just a quick warning; expect the unexpected!