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  • What is a Yo Bar
    • Comprised entirely of Greek yogurt and covered in a thin dark chocolate layer, Yobar is a unique and exciting new addition to the cholov yisorel health food market. It is created through a process involving straining water from yogurt to obtain a strong consistency, and voila, there’s your Yobar.


      For health lovers, Yobar is the ideal diary treat. It has numerous health benefits including, over 25 billion probiotics and high protein content, not to forget that the whole bar is only 120 calories! It can almost be considered a yogurt protein bar. Perfect to grab on the go during your morning rush, or to nibble on in the car as you drive through your busy day. Children and adults alike will love this ridiculously addictive snack, with its thick Greek consistency and delicious flavor.


      Yobar is super easy to eat, you just tear open the packaging, slide the bar up and take a delicious bite. It is now available in a fridge near you!  


  • When was Mehadrin Founded
    • The Mehadrin Corporation was founded in 1950, and has grown to be the largest and foremost distributor of Cholov Yisroel dairy and frozen foods in the United States. From our original line of cheeses and yogurts, we have expanded to carry over 300 different food products to over thirty U.S. states, reaching a strong and ever-growing clientele in such key locations as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and of course, our primary sales territory; the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area.

      Employing our own large fleet of 27 trucks, our vast distribution extends from a core of virtually every local kosher grocery store, to a significant presence in major supermarket chains such as Shoprite, Pathmark, Wal-Mart, Albertsons and Publix which cater to the general public.

      We feel that the tremendous, consistent success that MEHADRIN has enjoyed can be attributed not only to the wide array of products we carry, but to the unstinting commitment of MEHADRIN to offer only the finest quality of merchandise. Our steady consumer loyalty attests to the fact that the MEHADRIN name has become synonymous with dedication to excellence.

      We constantly travel the world to locate superior new products to be marketed under the MEHADRIN label. These include handpicked cheeses from Switzerland and premium ice cream from Belgium, frozen desserts from Israel, Canada, and other countries around the world.

      Our goal is to continually offer our consumers yet more products of distinction which can meet the standards necessary to bear the MEHADRIN name.

      We have recently begun to offer products from the NESTLE firm located in Israel. All of these manufacturers recognize that MEHADRIN is the right distributor to target its market. It is a sign of the high regard which our name is accorded, that we are approached on a regular basis by various manufacturers, hoping that we will distribute their goods under our name.

      Each item is scrutinized, with both the company and food itself undergoing a rigorous evaluation process before being accepted into the MEHADRIN family of food products, with the majority of candidates being rejected for sub-standard performance.

  • Do you offer tours of your manufacturing plants or offices
    • Unfortunately, public tours are not offered at any Mehadrin facilities at this time.

  • At what temperature should I store yogurt to ensure its freshness
    • Dairy products must be refrigerated between 33 degrees F and 40 degrees F. It is important to note that for every 2 degrees F rise in temperature, milk's shelf life is reduced by 50%. 

  • What are Mono and Diglycerides
    • They are ingredients used to provide a smooth, creamy texture and are derived from soybeans.

  • How long can you keep ice cream after it is opened
    • Ice Cream may be kept as long as 3 months (unopened) if stored at 0 degrees.  Once opened, ice cream can remain fresh for about 5 weeks. Avoid storing ice cream in the front end of the freezer, near the door, where it is constantly exposed to fluctuations in temperature.

  • Can dairy products be frozen
    • When frozen and thawed, most dairy products will separate and become watery and discolored.

  • How many trucks do you have
    • We've got a total of 27 trucks 

      15 trucks park at our loading dock and the rest in our huge indoor parking lot.